The Incentive Cure:
The Real Relief for Health Care


  • More than 50% of families in the US cannot afford health insurance

  • The majority of families have to spend 20% or more of their incomes to cover the cost of health care

Why? Because the entire industry is riddled with really bad incentives:

  • Physicians, hospitals and other care providers are paid for the volume of the services they provide, irrespective of the quality

  • Higher prices simply mean more money, and nothing is stopping anyone from simply charging more

  • Anything goes…whether or not it's good for a patient

The Cure:

  • Pay for value

  • Encourage patients to do the right thing

  • Publish the quality and cost of all health care services

  • Remove the regulatory barriers to disruptive innovation

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All proceeds will go to support our on-going work to improve the affordability and quality of healthcare in the US.

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