What People Are Saying About the Book

"It may be the best, most understandable summary of our industry I have read."

-- Joe Fifer, CEO, Healthcare Financial Management Association

"This is a sharply written critique of the dysfunctional dynamics that cause disappointing performance in U.S. healthcare, and a clear and coherent approach to addressing them. The authors are sophisticated about the workings of healthcare in the U.S. and abroad, but they do not let their knowledge of the trees obscure their view of the forest. They describe the broad themes of a path forward, one that relies upon improving the incentives (and eliminating the dysfunctional ones) for providers and for patients. They urge change in the payment system toward bundles and other structures that reward providers for value instead of volume, and they do not let patients off the hook -- they are blunt and direct about the ways in which they must become activated and do their part. The authors do understand (and describe) the enablers of consumer activation, including changes in health insurance benefit design and transparency.

"My own take is that double-digit reduction in costs cannot be achieved without taking capacity out of the marketplace, and they do not directly address how that brutal but essential evolution should occur. They certainly understand how existing incentives have acted to add capacity (e.g., hospital and facilities that are no longer needed or never were). But it is hard for institutions to die, and some discussion of how incentives should address that change would be useful.

"That said, they have taken topics that often seem hopelessly complex, and created a simple path forward. Will their recommendations solve the health care cost crisis? Not likely, but they will help, and they are clearly steps in the right direction. Their description is well-written, even delightful at time -- and thus an excellent contribution for health care stakeholders exasperated by the complexity of their challenges but resolute to fulfill their obligation to take them on."

Thomas H. Lee, MD
Network President, Parters Healthcare System


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What People Are "Saying" About the Book

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